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About Nick's Photo Studio

38 years of experience
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Welcome to Nick’s Photo Studio, a name synonymous with capturing life’s milestones in the vibrant communities of Dade and Broward Counties for over 25 years. Founded by Nick, whose journey from a Denny’s restaurant manager to a photography entrepreneur is a testament to the unpredictable paths life takes.

In 1985, Nick’s Photo Studio opened its doors, evolving over the years into a multi-location enterprise with 15 dedicated employees across Production, Photography, Customer Service, Lab, and Marketing departments. Proudly certified as a minority business, they are active members of PSPA and PPA, earning recognition for their community engagement.

What sets Nick’s Photo Studio apart is a commitment to local roots, delivering quality, customized products with an in-house lab. Nick emphasizes personalized service, putting customer needs first, and maintaining one-on-one relationships.

The studio’s impact extends beyond local borders, serving high schools in Miami-Dade and Broward County, attracting international clients for portraits and weddings. Committed to community well-being, they actively support organizations like 5000 Role Models, Miami-Dade County internship program, local youth football teams, and contribute significantly to schools in the region.

As Nick’s Photo Studio continues its journey, they remain a minority business making a difference, supported by loyal customers, schools, and diverse communities. Nick expresses gratitude and looks to the future, aspiring to serve communities from Monroe County to Palm Beach County. Join us in celebrating moments, where every click tells a unique story.


Global Moments,
Local Stories

“At Nick’s Photo Studio, our lens has witnessed the beauty of every story. For years, we’ve been honored to serve a diverse clientele, from individuals and schools to universities and sports teams worldwide. Our commitment to capturing moments knows no bounds. Join us in transforming your stories into timeless memories, where every click speaks the language of universal beauty and connection.”

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