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January 12, 2024

Children’s portraits: 3 tips on how to be prepared

Getting your children out the door and properly dressed can be hectic and frustrating, especially if you have young children, and having portraits taken of your children may sound like a nightmare waiting to happen. However, Miami Children’s Portraits are invaluable memories that you may want to treasure forever, especially pictures of your kids while they are still young. Having your child’s picture taken does not need to be an aggravating experience – continue reading for a few tips on how to make Picture Day a success. Some of our Family Photography services include:
  • Maternity Photography
  • Children’s Portraits
  • Family Portraits
The professional photographers at Nick’s Photo Studio know how fast children can grow up, and want to provide wonderful photographs of your children so that you can share and cherish those moments for a lifetime. To schedule an appointment for your Miami Children’s Portraits, call 305-756-9828 or contact us online.
  1. Bring Snacks: What kid doesn’t like food? Bringing along snacks for the photo session can avoid tantrums and angry fits of rage. If your child obeys the photographer and smiles or poses how they are being told to, reward them with pretzels, M&Ms, peanuts, or other small snacks when they do so.
  2. Nap Time: If your children take regular naps, make sure that they have ample time to rest before the appointment. Grumpy kids are not very photogenic, and disrupting a regular nap schedule can make them feel out of whack.
  3. Prepare Ahead of Time: Choose the outfits that you want your children to wear ahead of time so that you do not waste time rushing around the day of the appointment. Make sure that you have any shoes, socks, jewelry, hair ornaments, or other items set out ahead of time or that you know exactly where they are.
Don’t worry or panic about your photo appointment – utilize the useful tips above to make the day of the photo session a fun experience worth remembering. Our Miami Children’s Portraits are a great way to capture the memories of your kids before they are all grown up. To schedule an appointment with one of our professional photographers, call 305-756-9828 or contact us online.

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